Friday, June 26, 2009

that rhythm to stir the feet

i am not a good dancer. i mean, i can move around and keep a somewhat steady rhythm, but i always end up making a face or moving my arms too much. my arms much like long ostrich legs waving about in mad cadence, and my face crumpled up in deep, almost bowel movement straining concentration. it's actually quite sad.

but i do like to dance. and today, i did. i did my little white girl, pathetic, gangly dance on the floor in our new school room.

a satisfied jig of accomplishment.

monday morning we start fresh and new in our sparkly, month old school room. we converted our carport into a snazzy den of education and fun. and since we homeschool year round, and still have exactly 40 (that's quite biblical) days left to finish out our school year, i really needed some change to get me over the "these are our last days of redundancy" slump. we always use up all the fun curriculum first, and then are stuck with math, reading, and english at the end. and we trudge through....just barely. but this new room will be the kicker, the syrup on the pancake!
and so today i start a blog journey. the means of this blog....i suppose to post mainly of our family's homeschooling adventures, a bit of photography, and food stuffs. and not any emotional or personal fluff. EVER.

and we will trudge on with you along side us. viewing each step, misstep, and challenge as they come up. i hope for the least of the missteps and challenges....optimism is K-E-Y!

see you on the next page!

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