Friday, October 2, 2009

an easy sew nursing cover

my days of late have been spent doing the bare minimum. just survival around here at this point.

school is down to basics.

meals are made as easy as possible (or not homemade at all for that matter).

we are down to days until baby arrives. hours if i really obsessed over such things (and i do).

i have been doing little things with my hands to keep me occupied. knitting a few hats, hemming and mending. my frazzled brain could not handle much more.

but i did manage to make my last project today. a nursing cover. i mulled and fought and battled over a previous design. finally, this morning, i chucked the old and just whipped out an easy one instead. i like the bright bold peonies, the easy tie straps at the top and the reversible orange side when i don't feel so flowery.

this whips together in under an hour, which is right up my alley for any project.

now i'm just awaiting a little body to hold and cuddle and nurse under my new cover.

my next post will undoubtedly be pictures of the new baby. see you soon!

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