Friday, March 25, 2011

It's called "Reverse"

i created a tumblr.

daily dodd

*warning. it will be nothing like "Such is This". it will be like my facebook. which i do not have anymore.

what you can expect: something every day. sometimes twice (or thrice) a day. sometimes old pics, but mostly new pics, quips, and quotes from daily family life.

so quit pestering me already about missing me on facebook. you know who you are....


  1. Im fabulously excited about this I retarded or can u not leave comments on ur tumblr? (The retarded question is not a generalized statement and only applies to this question in particular and not to any previous retarded moments I may or may not have had).

  2. i don't know how it works! aaahhhh! i am tumblr challenged for the moment.
    i *think* you have to be a follower (like have your own tumblr) or you have to be checking out my tumblr for at least two weeks before it will let you.

  3. i fixed it! anyone should be able to leave a comment on there now. xoxoxo

  4. I still miss you on fb :) pester pester. Let's get together soon!

  5. Hey, Lisa!! It was good to see you at the wedding. We do need to get together soon. School life around here will be easier next month. We will make it so!



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