Thursday, May 19, 2011

Homeschooling with Littles About

I write this for me. Because I don't know how I survive some days. And, when asked, "How do you homeschool with a baby and toddler under-foot?", the only answer I can give is, "I just DO. I don't know just happens."
I write this for my children, for if they ever choose to homeschool their own brood, I might get asked this question again, and I want a REAL ANSWER to give them. And goodness knows my memory is to shot now, I can't imagine what I will remember when I am 50.
I write this for you. If you struggle with homeschooling your older children and keeping your smaller children occupied, then I hope you can find something useful to utilize in your home. Or, if you don't struggle at all, but have grown tired of the plan you have now, you might be able to find something here, too!

This is a synopsis of what I hope to cover over the next few posts. I plan to cover a lot of ground, so grab a notebook (or turn your printer on) and keep up!!

1. Prepare: make, borrow, invest in all the tools you'll need
2. Organize: a place for everything, and planning your day
3. Enlist: don't be afraid to ask for help
4. Accept: when nothing works, breathe and move on
5. Enjoy: don't forget to enjoy them while they are little

I also hope that these posts might generate some feedback. So, for my 3 actual readers, chip in any tips you find relevant to a post as you read along.

Also, because I get sidetracked often and need breaks from self-mandates, be looking for a craft post (recycled wool sweater diaper cover!), and a happy birthday post for my (gasp!) 10 year old daughter. And know THAT has to happen.

Oh, the calamity!

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