Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Year in the Life of Here

Here is what our family will be studying this year:

Ashton 3rd Grade:

Grammar and Spelling: Rod and Staff

Reading Studies:

Sarah, Plain and Tall; Progeny Press Study Guide

The Courage of Sarah Noble; Progeny Press Study Guide

Swiss Family Robinson; Veritas Press Comprehension Guide

Keaton 1st Grade:

Math, Phonics, and Reading: Rod and Staff

with a bonus unit study on Reading: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Edcon Publishing

Together they are studying:

History: History Odyssey Level 1


we are doing two large unit studies. one on Botany, and the other on Human Anatomy. i purchased a large quantity of study guides and books, and will compile my own lessons using what i can from many different resources so that both children can learn the same topic simultaneously at their own level.

Art: Draw Write Now, 7 & 8; and also watercolor paintings around the world

in addition:

Seasonal Poetry Memorization (each will memorize separate poems, one per season): Poetry for Young People, The Seasons

thinking about doing a blog on why i chose to use the curriculum i did, but for now...that'll do.

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