Monday, September 7, 2009

rainy game day

yesterday was a rainy sunday for us. we decided since labor day was going to be a busy one that we would play hooky from church and spend a drizzly morning playing games.

this jewel is called Fellowship. i L-O-V-E it. it is a family game that we had when i was young.
it is a spin on monopoly except it carries a biblical point of view. i love the scripture verses, cows and sheep as opposed to houses and hotels, and true biblical pieces of land that you "purchase" with points. our 5 year old gave us a wallop! he made wise purchases, then kept his points and made us all pay splendidly when we landed on his property.
we capped off the day by picking up burgers and fries and eating them at our local walking track park. an after dinner stroll was the highlight of the evening. the kids chases squirrels, marveled at cranes and loons, picked wildflowers.....
one could die of such contentment.
i wish you all a happy and blessed labor day!

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