Saturday, September 12, 2009

simple sandwich salads

confession time. i adore, love, and find supreme enjoyment in sandwiches. tasty fillings, squished between two pieces of grainy goodness. i C-A-N-N-O-T get enough. i especially love filling sandwiches with simple salads. this afternoon i made a tuna salad and an egg salad. because, after all, choice is always nice....and you can't beat leftovers for days.

i thank my mother for this tuna salad recipe. i have changed it only just barely from the original.

flaked tuna
plain (full fat) yogurt
shredded carrots
crispy crumbled bacon
itty bitty squeeze 'o lemon
salt and pepper to taste

mix and enjoy. i find this particular concoction is especially good as a tuna melt. here, my husband enjoyed it on a croissant toasted with provolone and, yes, more bacon.

this egg salad is absolutely my favorite. perfect for dipping crackers or veggies, a sandwich filling, topping a mix of salad greens, or eaten just with a spoon.

hard boiled eggs
good quality mayo
sprinkle of dill
pinch of curry powder
hearty pinch of fresh ground pepper

it is saturday. impending fall is in the air. college football is murmuring in the background. i'm daydreaming of hot cocoa and a cuddly blanket. and of holding the new baby. just a few more weeks........

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