Thursday, December 2, 2010

new year eats

my new year resolution lists are usually very small and simple. last year, my list said, "be healthy(er). laugh more. cook breakfast."
i did OK.
this year, my list reads, "be a runner. wake up early(er). eat raw 2 times a week."

a visit to S.F., CA a few years back, yielded me an interest in the RAW movement. the place was called Cafe Gratitude and there i feasted on items given names such as: I am Insightful and I am Cheerful. really. it was revolutionary [to me].

this book (shown above) reads like a life guide. and the simplification of instruction, as in: chop. mix. munch. ......

i will break this poor book's spine by year end. mark. my. words.

one thing is for certain, though, this book betters you if you have a food dehydrator. which i have not. (note to persons in the action of gift giving: jami needs dehydrator with at least a 90 degree temp setting function).

the end.


  1. That is the prettiest cookbook ever! If you ever need somebody to practice on.... =)

  2. @ bethany: you are my official running/raw food guinea pig. you're welcome.

    @ natalie: *girlish giggle* gee, thanks. you're pretty swell, too.



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