Monday, December 20, 2010

Travels in RAW: take 1-- Falafel Patties

Before I take on my New Years Resolution in full swing, I figured a trial run was in order. I am using the book RAW as a reference and decided to try out the Falafel Patties given inside.

First you are to sprout some chickpeas. I loved the happy little tails that started showing the next day.

Then you pulse those and a bunch of other goodies, like onion, garlic, and cilantro in your food processor.

After a bit, it looks like this.

You then shape patties and dehydrate them at 90 degrees for about 8 hours. Your house will smell of cumin and onion. This is a good thing.

They are lovely when they are done. Speckled with green, crispy on the outside, and moist in the center. They have a nice "bite" from the onion and cilantro, but the chickpeas give it a nice mellowness in the end.

I ate mine on a bed of greens, with some homemade RAW cheese (with a touch of chili paste--cheating...i know), some chopped dates, a cucumber slice or two, and grape tomatoes. Oat crackers and an orange are great compliments.

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