Monday, February 28, 2011

In which sushi was eaten. And Chi comes to visit.

The church ladies came over and we giggled (yes, church ladies giggle...and occasionally snort) over sushi mats and bowls of warm rice wrapper water.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls, assorted Sushi Rolls, and Inari Sushi. I also made a peanut sauce for dipping. You would like some? Too bad, so sad. I ate it all. Cough, ahem..I mean, uh...WE ate it all.

Not pictured: chocolate covered strawberries, oreo balls, and chess cake squares. And yes, thanks for asking, it was all delicious.

Not as delicious as this little guy, though.

Cousin Chi (short for Malachi) came to visit. I cannot get enough of those cherub cheeks and hazel eyes.


  1. Recipes?
    I thought this was a food blog?
    I need recipes!
    Even Martha Stewart gives recipes...and pictures of all desserts...just sayin

    Love you, mean it :)

  2. quezal! i posted the peanut sauce recipe...but the sushi and spring rolls and desserts i can take no credit for..soooooo. *thbt* tongue sticking out whilst spitting.

  3. bethany...YES and Double YUM!!! you will have to google a recipe, I have no idea how my friend made them, but they were delish!



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