Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrifting on a Saturday

You might ask yourself how this mid 50s tin plate depicts myself and Sir Cohen in the midst of our favorite pastime. I wondered the same. But there we be. It now has a content home above my kitchen sink window.

And this plate, also. I tend to thrift in color schemes, though I don't realize it till I am home and placing things. I just LOVED the flower detail in this pie plate, especially the 'barely there' lacy brown buds in the background.

It met nicely with a simple reed placemat in the center of our dining table.

Also found among the dusty thrift shelves was a very loved copy of the South Pacific soundtrack on vinyl, Emile and Nellie wrapped in a passionate embrace on the cover. And, yes, the children giggled as I twirled little Harry around the room cooing about some enchanted evening...

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