Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gabby has her kittens

We have 3 gray tabbies and 1 charcoal tabby. Mommy did splendidly. Although I suspect the names will change daily (perhaps minute by minute), for now they are called: Jimmy, Buddy, Sissy, and Cosmo.
We watched the last one, Cosmo, being born. It was a beautiful thing. Gabby moaned faintly and his siblings mewed the little guy into being.
The children all watched. It was most distracting to complete our Spelling, but worked out well that our day turned into an impromptu biology lesson. There is no covering up all the nasty bits, like Gabby eating the afterbirth and chewing off the umbilicals. But also, what a beautiful exhibition of Gods design and creation.
I consider this a school day well spent.

Oh, and...who wants a kitten?!?!?!


  1. If you're serious about giving kittens away, my Sarah seriously wants one. I have never ever thought about animals and their umbilicus cords. You have answered a question for ME before I have even thought to ask it. Neat lesson for the kids!

  2. Yes, Audrey! We would love for ya'll to take one of the kittens! We have homes for the charcoal and one of the gray ones, but still have two available! They are all males. I'll email you!



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