Friday, April 8, 2011

A confession

That's right.

I confess my failing, to the whole blogger kingdom. My New Year's Resolution to eat raw food twice a week...never actually happened.

I lasted all of one week.

So, there you have it. Such is not perfect. I am far far from it. I make a goal and fail sometimes (miserably as seen here).

I could gripe about how it was sooooo hard and that I didn't have the time. But, really, I lost my motivation. I over committed myself. Maybe a better goal, like once a month raw lunchtime or some such thing. Who knows.

Oh, and I ran...once, with my friend Bethany. Once.
I did get up early ever day, though, and did really well...until the dreaded Spring time change. Now we do good if we start school by 10am.

OK. Le Sigh.

Yummy recipes next week (with pictures OF COURSE!) to make it up to you.




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