Thursday, July 16, 2009


Dear God,

Please let the peach season extend just a few more least past fall. Thanks, Jami

the little distractor, hard at work, while the older ones finish their devotions.

i L-O-V-E our devotion program. a local company, the Notgrass Company, makes simple and unassuming products. i most love their "draw to learn the bible" selections. if your children love to draw by themselves, using their imagination, as mine do, they will really enjoy this book. currently we are in our second year of the same book, titled: Draw to Learn--The Life of Jesus. it gives a verse for a selection out of the bible that your child can read, and then a brief description at the bottom to help guide them as they draw. i find my children really retain what the message represents if THEY get to draw what inspired them out of it. each page has a very large drawing box, perfect for younger ages, but this could easily be used for ANY age group.

i would not recommend their "learn to draw" program. i found the lessons a little amateur and dull. we only made it through the first 12 lessons before i shelved it.
for a great "learn to draw" program try the Draw Write Now curriculum. my children LOVE it as do i.


  1. I want to know what you were standing on to take the cool picture from the ceiling!

  2. why, one of my cool and wonderful new IKEA chairs of course. quite precarious and probably a bigger distractor than cohen....but fun!

  3. haha... all day long, i've been calling you peter parker. cuz it is a picture? taken from the ceiling? get it? get it??!?

  4. oh, i get it....

    you've been talking about me all day long? we really need to work on those stalking issues...



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